Pediatric Eye Care & Surgery

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We believe that every child deserves 

compassionate care.


We welcome you to our office and look forward to providing your child's eye care.

Dr. Whang is accepting new patients 11 years of age and younger. If your child is 12 years of age or older, please feel free to reach out to another ophthalmologist to schedule an appointment. If your child has Medi-Cal insurance either as primary or secondary insurance, please contact your child's pediatrician for authorization to see another pediatric ophthalmologist.

Once you have confirmed that Dr. Whang participates with your insurance plan, please print, complete, and sign all 3 new patient PDF forms below (patient registration, medical history, and financial policy) and fax or mail the paperwork to the office. Please also fax or mail a copy of the front AND BACK of your medical insurance card(s) for primary insurance (and secondary insurance, if applicable). 

If you have HMO insurance, please have your child's primary care physician fax a copy of the authorization for CPT codes 92004 and 99204 to my office at (714) 633-9196. If your child has strabismus (an eye misalignment), I am also requesting CPT code 92060.

Once the following have been received and processed by Dr. Whang, we will call you to schedule your child's appointment:

1.  Authorization (for HMO insurance)

2.  A legible, preferably enlarged, copy of the front AND BACK of your medical insurance card(s)

3.  Completed and signed Patient Registration form

4.  Completed and signed Medical History form

5.  Completed and signed Financial Policy

Please review the COVID-19 section before your child's appointment.

For new patients, Dr. Whang's evaluation may require 2 separate visits. During the initial evaluation of your child’s eyes, Dr. Whang will determine the need for your child to return for a dilated eye exam. If a return visit is needed, Dr. Whang will provide a prescription for the dilating eye drop for parents to take to their pharmacy. The eye drops will need to be administered 1 hour prior and 30 minutes prior to the dilated eye exam. To minimize contact and to maintain everyone's health and safety, Dr. Whang will no longer be administering eye drops for dilation in the office.

Dr. Whang does not participate with any vision plans and will bill only your medical insurance, NOT your vision insurance.

The Notice of Privacy Practices, which describes how medical information about your child may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information, is available below.

If your child wears glasses and/or contact lenses, please have him/her wear the glasses, NOT the contact lenses. Please bring the contact lens boxes to the appointment with Dr. Whang.

If you have any questions, please contact us at (714) 633-0321. We look forward to seeing you soon.